Jul 28, 2010


"I didactically broke apart the landscape painting itself, and I used Kinkade’s work as a sounding board for this. (3) In an article on the artist Marc Handelman, by Karen Rosenberg, in an issue of Artforum, Handelman breaks apart the ideologies of the landscape painting. (4) What I gathered from what he said was there are three spaces at work within these paintings. The first is the foreground- it represents something industrial, a present day remnant, like a boat, or a house, or even people: evidence of civilization. The second is the middle ground- it represents the past, or a wild frontier: land to be claimed, conquered, or controlled. The last part is the background- it represents something sublime with its ever-expanding mountain range or the vastness of the sky: it is an endlessness or a future."
by anna schaap. she basis her thesis on an awesome
project by komar and melamid.


new single just a few weeks till the album.
i am the happiest man on earth. mastercard.


I Love U.

Jul 20, 2010


God is a peeping tom.
i hate when you make this face.

i walk away, i follow the lines.

Jul 13, 2010

vomit in style.

Runge's color spheres is here for you
to pick the right tone for your vomit.

Jul 12, 2010

Jul 9, 2010

those mad men.

billboard for lee around 1969 (v.g.y.).

big spill.

sometimes it is ok to cry over the spilled milk.


i don't know what went wrong.
actually nothing.

Jul 8, 2010