Jan 31, 2009

Vincent Vodka

RZA is in it too. Terry Richardson takes snap shots as well, but Leah does not like him, so I cannot like him either. But vodka and vincent are good friends of mine.

Shake Up

A bit of A Certain Ratio
Fac 51 Ha├žienda
but not really.


The Beheading Of St. John the Baptist (1608)

Crucifixion Of St. Peter (1601)

The Calling Of St. Matthew (1600)

Jan 30, 2009

Tolik the Clown

Syracuse, NY January 2009

Jan 26, 2009

My Americana

Syracuse, NY December 2008

Riitta Ikonen

Finland born and London based photographer, who grabed my eye.

Who does not love pizza movies?

buy it.


Would centaur need a jockey in Kentucky Derby? Film by Pier Paolo Pasolini and stars Maria Callas. Finish what you just started.


song by milen farmer and video by abel ferrara. i am not even mad.

Do You Love Me?

I love you Nick Cave and I love your Bad Seeds.

Once Upon A Time In America

1.5 valium+1 handle of Jim Beam+3 friends+1 DVD=99 tears
Film by Sergio Leone.